Johan Reinhold


Johan Reinhold


"The sadness of "Ghost" is encased in deliciously pretty melodies, cradling the song in a warm bed of piano, padded drums and synth textures." – The Guardian

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Swedish electronic pop-outfit Johan Reinhold, (some say he's a mix between Depeche Mode, a young Phil Collins and Miike Snow) is back with a new voice after strangely enough – choosing to go silent in 2009.

A change of heart, from hip-hop to pop and from rapping to singing, would change everything and has now earned him critical acclaim by some of the biggest music related players around the world and features in Fader Magazine and Gorilla vs. Bear to name a few.


Once nominated for a Swedish Grammis (equivalent to the Grammys) for best hip-hop/ soul album of the year.

At his peak, Johan was invited to join the Swedish leg of the Rock the Bells tour sharing the stage with Nas, De La Soul and Mos Def. He got to open up for rappers like Game and Slum Village and recorded in the studio with legends like A.G from D.I.T.C., Canibus, Sean Price and Chino XL amongst others. Then suddenly, Reinhold gave it all up.


”I’d had enough of me… enough of music. I’d left that dream behind and hidden it in a place so dark I thought I’d never find it again. But I did...”

For the first time Johan Reinhold had found a way of connecting all his previous musical inspirations from Refused to Company Flow and infuse it with all the influences that had molded his love for music in the neon-days of the 1980’s.

Johan Reinhold is now readying his debut-album entitled Beautiful Loser.

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Johan Reinhold

people say

Johan Reinhold's voice seems to permeate between blues, pop/rock
and fashionable indie styling. Soak it in and get taken away with the echoing vocals from Johan. - Earmilk

If you're a fan of perfectly produced electronic anthems, with a soulful twist and some incredible attention to detail, then Johan Reinhold will be a staple diet for your MP3 player. - Somojo Magazine

Word has it Reinhold was nominated for a Swedish Grammy, and it's easy to see why, assuming all his songs are so relateable. - Playground Misnomer

It's an instant sign that Reinhold is a talent not to be ignored. When he opens his mouth you not only become an immediate fan, but a devotee. - Alt Sounds

An utterly dramatic and beautiful piece of indie-pop. - Swedish Stereo

With its lush production and Johan's beautiful vocals, this man
will have you reaching for the repeat button more than once. - Allure Of Sounds

It might be classified as indie-electro-pop, but in the end it is good music with a lot of appeal. Reinhold is going to attract a wide range of fans – young and old. - K.O. Video

Johan Reinhold gave us eternal hope that good music is out there if you're willing to wait for it. - The Pop Sucker

Johan Reinhold is by far one of the big new stand-out artists emerging from Scandinavia this year. And I personally am a huge fan. - Alfitude

A true delight with elements that will appeal to all. - The Musical View

There really is something for everyone when it comes to Johan Reinhold. - Rogue Magazine

If this is the sound of things to come, then we expect to hear more displays pretty soon. - Arial Noise

Johan Reinhold is bordering on the epic side of things. - The Sound of Confusion

Sorta like simultaneously sinking and floating into something very warm, very comforting, and something truly irresistible. - A Media Mindset

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Johan Reinhold

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